European Flag

I am a citizen of the European Union and I would like to have the opportunity to use the Union flag. I would like you to give this possibility. thank you

Pretty sure it is available @Pietro_Vigliani, just choose the United Kingdom.

Edit, I may be confusing the EU flag with the “Union Jack” a.k.a the Union Flag?

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You’re definitely confusing it.

Pietro, we only offer nationalities. European isn’t a nationality.


James, unfortunately that kind of answer just invites trouble. As a Brit I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the Welsh, English, Scottish and Northern Irish flags in addition to the Union Jack. On issues of flags and nationalities always best just say “we’ll look into that”.


The difference being is that the union flag is a national flag whereas the European Union flag is a representation of a political union and not of a nation.

no I’m not confused … I’m European, as well as Italian. I believe in a union of European states all under one flag, and if you are English, I’m sorry you are no longer a part of it. :eu:


Some people when you ask them where they come from say Europe rather than their country. Sounds fair if they want to identify as European. I on the other hand identify as Scottish, rather than British

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yes, I believe so too … and in any case it seems to me a more than legitimate request. Then if Brexit takes you to the point of denying the existence of the European Union … well … that’s your business. I will always be for the Union with or without a flag.

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that’s right, for you Scots it is the opposite of what I ask … and if I have to be honest, I really hope for YOUR return to the Union. I also see very well that in addition to the Union Jack, there are individual English, Scottish, Welsh flags…. then the question is !!! why not the European flag? is it discrimination?

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No you don’t, you offer English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish… All the people’s ‘nationalities’ are British.

Antarctica is not a nationality.


Again there is no European flag. There is a flag representing the political union of Europe but no national flag of Europe.
The union flag is a representation of a nation and yes people within may wish to be presented as a member of the individual nation within.

I’m guessing from your posts Pietro that you are not a fan of the English?

I see that we have not understood each other, but that’s okay … I have no desire to waste time on nationalisms or sterile discussions still based on a vision of the world of the last century. To answer your question, yes, I don’t particularly like those of Brexit because I consider the isolationism that led them to repudiate the European Union as a lack of historical, present and future vision that harms all of us in the West. Anyway you voted and so … okay … you are out, happy and content, but I kindly ask you to avoid denying the existence of the entity you no longer belong to, but of which I am proud to belong.


Then there should be a nato flag, and a commonwealth flag, etc etc. Where does it end?

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I don’t think that Zwift flags are for “entities”.

Stuart, is there a reason for your desire to give offence on something that doesn’t affect you? You can ride under any flag you like. Now ride on.

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There are many, many people in the UK that would happily fly the EU flag on their Zwift profile! We’re not all isolationists!


I think you were right :slight_smile:


Surely this fella is a troll…

I’m not aware that I’ve caused offence. If i have i apologise. I was merely pointing out some factual differences between nations and unions.

Of course I’m free to ride under whatever flag i wish to and do so.

Pietro, you appear to be assuming that i voted to leave Europe which is a sweeping suggestion.