European Flag

I know very well and I am sorry for them, for not being with me in Europe anymore

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absolutely… your vote is only about you and I respect it… .we are in a democracy. so no problem.

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As far as I know, citizen of the NATO is not a legal residential status I could have, anywhere.

Sorry to be a pedant, but this is categorically incorrect.

The UK is a unitary state which is a union of four nations, so the nationality can be both for the home nation (English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish) and for the unitary state (British).

The EU is neither a nation nor a unitary state and can’t be a nationality. Limiting things to nationalities is probably done as there will be all sorts of requests for varying different municipal, regional and all sorts of other flags to be added which would probably be quite time consuming.

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Thanks George, you explained it much better than i did.

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Can we have a Pastafarian flag please [all hail the Great Flying Spaghett Monster].


The reason that this pathological fixation on nationalism is so tiresome for some of us is that it is not at all what this thread (or the previous ones) is about.

It is rather addressing a question of identity. Now, speaking of identity, I carry a legal identifcation document that identifies me as a citizen of the EU on the front. My nationality is mentioned in the fine print on the backside.

I also do not actually need that document, because I’m a citizen of the EU, it just happens to be a fraction of the size and weight of my passport. Which is the only other official identification that I own, because I can’t even get an ID card for my home country anymore unless I move back there.

Not force feeding nationalism to people who actually have another legal citizenship that is recognized across borders is a very reasonable request.

By the way, and sorry to be a pedant, according to Wikipedia, the Union Jack has never been officially established as the national flag, by law. Can this de facto artefact please be removed from the game? :rofl:


I stand corrected… Captain above sums up my feelings much more elequently.

It seems you have misinterpreted me. I just wanted to explain and correct things that were incorrectly stated in this thread - Zwift have taken an editorial decision to only include flags relating to nationality and the poster incorrectly made the point that English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish are not nationalities. My post was simply trying to correct that they are nationalities and fall in line with the editorial policy, which hopefully would have helped explain why the EU flag is not included in the game but English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish flags are. Perhaps you’ve misread or misunderstood what I’ve said?

My politics are very far from nationalism, let alone English nationalism, and indeed I abhor all states and the EU for the violence of their borders and the harm they have done to people very close to me. You seem to have a fairly large chip on your shoulder about all of this however, so maybe deal with that rather than offloading it onto other people.

Regardless, you might want to read and understand what de facto actually means in relation to your last paragraph, you’re not being quite as clever as you’d like to think!

Pot, kettle, black. :+1:

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I’m in no way happy nor content with us having left the EU. I voted to stay in, and I’ll vote to re-join as soon as I have an opportunity. If Scotland gain independence I’ll move to Scotland and re-join with them! :smiley:


Dunno, can you think of more examples beyond NATO and the Commonwealth?

I’d be in for this one:



No George. Neither you or Stuart are from Zwift, part of Zwift internal policies, or part of setting new policies and decisions. But somehow you both feel empowered to tell other people that they can’t even ask for the flag they identify with.

If you were to go through the list of available flags in Zwift, you’ll find disputed states (Western Sahara), remotely governed regions (Svalbard), French departments (Reunion), federations of states (Micronesia) and various others that wouldn’t fit your definition of a nation (Antarctica anyone).

Basically, Zwift profiles have flags. Some flags align with nations, some align with other things, some (many) are missing. People are free to ask for those that are missing, and if enough people ask Zwift may add them.

  1. What about Antarctica?
  2. What about USA? Should they not have all their state flags?
  3. I would like to have the EU flag, too. And I have no problem with British/English, … Why not just RESPECT anybody’s opinion?

The discussion is going nowhere.


I haven’t told anyone they can’t ask for anything - you’re projecting!

All I’ve done is repeated the editorial line taken by the zwift employee and given a guess as to why they’ve taken it and tried to explain to people why certain things fall inside and outside of this editorial decision, as it seems there is a lack of understanding between a nation, a state (either federal or unitary) and a nation-state.

You also seem to not understand this distinction as (with the exception of Antarctica perhaps) all of the places you have listed can be described as a nation or a (federal or unitary) state, they just aren’t (recognised) nation-states.

I’m not arguing that people can’t ask for things so please stop making things up! I’m just trying to clarify where people don’t seem to understand things! (Like you!)

Likewise I’ve not said that any flag should not be included, I’ve merely tried to provide some rationale as to why certain flags are not included.

I’d prefer it if people did not turn this into a personal attack on others who try to offer opinion.

well finally a sensible answer … I did not think of starting a war like Putin just for asking for a flag where for good or bad it represents 447 MILLION people !!


I absolutely agree, I am a European Citizen and Austrian Citizen, please add our European Flag, its our identity.
We feel European on our continent and want to show it.
BTW there is an Antarctica flag in Zwift, if the Antarcticans are represented here, half a billion Europeans also should considered.
Ride on!


I think everything that needed to be said here has been said. It’s clear there are very different views as to how this should be approached, and going round again won’t help anyone.