Noise reduction of trainer and turn off smart control

I’m very happy with the ability to turn off the smart control of my trainer (KICKR) in Zwift, but still use the power meter readings from same trainer (via ANT+).

I found that I do prefer to turn off smart control, and set the trainer resistance (level) with the Kickr App.

In this way, I can use lower gears and produce less noise (good for my sleeping children). In addition, I do have to shift my gears much less. I found that a lot of shifting gears is a bit annoying, when training indoors. In the end, it’s just the amount of Watts produced that do matter.

I really enjoy using Zwift in workout, Ergo mode. Then, I can also use very low gears to make noise level of the trainer very low.


To conclude: Ability of setting the trainer resistance level in game mode would make the software complete to allow for individual changes of behavior of smart trainers.


We actually do allow you to set the resistance level on controllable trainers within Zwift!

For regular rides, select Settings from the pause menu. A slider option labeled Trainer Difficulty will allow you to adjust the level of resistance you feel on the course from 0% (equivalent to a non-controllable trainer - no resistance) to 100% (real life resistance matching the course grade).

In workout modes, you can also adjust the resistance. During Free Ride segments in ERG mode, or any time during a workout with ERG mode disabled. In these situations, you can adjust the base resistance of your trainer up or down by using the + and - keys on your keyboard, or the buttons labeled Resistance on the Action page of the Zwift Mobile link app.

I hope this helped! Ride on!

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