Noble Pro Average Pace

Hi All

I have been using Zwift with a NoblePro® Elite E8.0 Treadmill for the last 18MTH with great success

After not using if for a month I went on today

What I notice today, when I am within a mile and increase the pace it moves the total mile time to the new pace.

For example I am running the mile at 06:30 pace, I then increase the pace to 06:00 half way through. Rather than the mile ending in 06:15, it ends at 06:00.

I hope that makes sense and wondering if anyone knows how to sort.

Any ideas?

Does the average pace at the end of your run change to the same effect?
I’ve not noticed the issue you’ve raised to be honest albeit i tend to run a flat pace most of the time.

I’m thinking i can set off on a half marathon at 7 minute mile pace but 20 yards before the end of each mile increase the pace to 4 minute mile then back again to 7 minute miles when the mile is complete.

That’ll have my followers twitchy.


Average pace for the total run looks ok

Will need to give it another go this week