NO XP during Tour of Watopia ride


yesterday I signed up for 3 consecutive rides of the tour of watopia. During the 1st ride erverything was fine, I got 40XP every km. After the stage finished i rode on to not cool down till i was automatically transfered to the start of the 2nd event, again tour of watopia stage 1 B ride. After nearly finishing this ride i realized my XP bar hasn’t moved since the start and after completing a full km there was no +40XP popping up right next to the XP bar… when i passed the finish line i received 250XP. Continuing riding and completing another km did not add any XP to my progress bar. I logged into the main menue and joined tempus fugit, where i cycled for a few minutes and received 20 XP per km. Then I was automatically transfered to the start of my 3rd event - again Tour of Watopia stage 1 B Ride. Event started and after 1 km, there was again no +40XP popping up next to my XP bar. I left the ride, and rejoined by late join, which then let me receive +40XP each completed km. Anyone has noticed similar problems?


Hi, it’s a known issue. See here: No XP showing at all Tour of Watopia Stage 1 [March 9 2022]