No video capture available with windows 10

I know there was a slow roll-out for the 15 second video capture, but while on Zwift, I don’t have the option for video capture.

I have a desktop with windows 10

Intel i5 3.2GHz

16 gig ram

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card ( 4 gig)

There is NO OPTION in game settings, or companion app. I have photos enabled, but no option for video capture.?

My desktop exceeds the requirements for video capture, why don’t I have video capture available?


it depends what generation processor you have.

but you really don’t want it anyway!

I believe the latest word was that you need a 9th generation i5 or newer. As Chris said, be careful what you wish for. The game is more CPU intensive since the last update, video screenshots make it worse, and the videos are relatively low quality. Nice for submitting bug reports but not much else.

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Ok, thanks I will have to find out what generation, I bought an older desktop and built it up because my laptop I had finally slowed down because of all the updates. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the responce.

Ok good to know, i’ll have to find out what generation, i’ve also heard the CPU slows down a bit, but would at least like to try the video capture, and if it doesn’t work ok, I heard you can just toggle it off in settings. Thanks

When you say an older desktop I’m going to predict you are older than 9th generation which is where the cut of point is.

It can be turned on and off yes.

When it works its fine but there are so many random issues occurring with setups that seem to resolve themselves when you turn it off.

depends what you mean by fine i guess.

it works on mine but the hit to frame rate and general performance is very noticable and so not worth having it swittched on.

I only ever need it to flag issues I’ve never thought to myself “I’d love to see that 10 seconds of virtual cycling again sometime” so not sure i’m the target audience for it anyway