no smart trainer to choose from

hello Guys. Im new here. Just got a Tacx Neo, and wanted to try Zwift.


After Installing the software + Mobile app, on the Pc, it only shows the option to select “Run Spped”, and at the bottom “Heart Rate” and “Cadence”

Where im i supposed to sync the smart trainer? When I select Cadence, it shows up the Neo. But thats it. I cant do anything with that.

any help would be very much appresiated.

would really like to try Zwift within my 7 free days. Im not buying something im not sure it works for me


Thanx again


sorry I have to run , but Look at this,

Look, this is what im getting. As you can see, i can select the Neo trainer under Cadence Device. But it doesnt show the Smart Trainer icon to search for it

That is new to me, some way you entered the running module of Zwift.


Did you try to restart the program?

Sorry I can be of more help, lets wait for someone to jump in to help. Zwift usually jump in around this time of day.

You can also log a support ticket,

As Gerrie said, that is the running module. 

Just restart the app and it should default to the bike mode.

thanx guys. I even tried uninstalling it (both. the mobile link, and the zwift itself in the Pc), but no luck so far

Try clicking outside of the Paired devices window, below the left edge of the heart rate box. When you hit the right spot it will beep. Click until you get 3 more beeps and it will switch to bike mode.

james c,

Seriously… I did not know that. How did you know of that?

Verified that tapping to the bottom left of the HR box will switch it between Bike and Run modes.

ohh! Solved!!! Thanx a lot!!

lets see how Zwift works


There should be a button or something to switch… not a hidden thing

Glad to hear you got this sorted. It’s looking like there’s some kind of bug that’s automatically switching users into run mode, and we’re looking into it now.

Thanks for the report!