New to Zwift AND to smart trainers: questions

Tomorrow my TacX Neo2T Smart is coming and everything is ready in my room.
I’ve always trained with the TacX but then I broke my knee (running too often, too hard and for too long) and I’ve been out for long. Back then I didn’t have a Zwift-Compatible trainer but now I do (I mean… tomorrow I will). Now there’s also trainers such as the TacX Magnum that basically also allow you to run.

So, considering I’m brand new to Zwift and that there’s also a running section, I was wondering how I am going to use it, considering I don’t own a treadmill, nor a Magnum. I do have access to treadmills and, of course, I can run on the road… but how does this apply to Zwift?

Instrument-wise, I own a Suunto9 Baro and its Smart Belt (which is BlueTooth). I’m not sure this watch and its OHR are going to connect to Zwift but I suppose the Smart Belt will and, in any case, I use 3rd party software to merge all data into a single log (all bike data + watch data into a log that gets archived).

While I may guess fairly accurately how Zwift works with bikes (can’t be much different from the old TTS4 software from TacX) I have no idea how it works with running. Of course I installed Zwift on my Android cell phone too. So how does it work, am I supposed to go on treadmill with the cell phone at hand? How can Zwift work… only a few treadmill models actually broadcast via BT and I don’t think I can access to those. Does Zwift running also use outdoor runs? And if so, how?

I know there must be some documentation somewhere… but if some expert user could clarify things for me, I am quite certain I’ll get the hang of everything in a couple of days and a few posts.

Use a Zwift compatible foot pod.

I have both the NPE RUNN and the Milestone Footpod that I use to run with. The Milestone was actually purchased by Zwift and rebranded as the Zwift footpad.

Basically the RUNN is attached to my home treadmill and monitors the belt for marks and is then able to calculate the speed of the belt. The RUNN is also able to calculate cadence and incline and transmit it to Zwift via BT or ANT+.

The Footpod is attached to my shoe when I am using a treadmill in the gym or at the Physical Therapy center (injured my knee also). It reports cadence to Zwift which I run on either my iPhone or iPad using BT.

I also use my Wahoo Tickr to report my HR during the runs.

The system isn’t perfect, have to manually change incline for example, but it works for me at this point.

So let me see if I get you right, Tim.
As of outdoors, I am on the Suunto9b which is BT. It is connected through SuuntoLink App to the cell phone (which is running Zwift I suppose). Is this combo going to work?

Indoor and outdoors I can use the only foot pod I have: Garmin’s which is ANT+ but how does this connect to the cell phone that is running zwift if the cell phone is BT? Question is, how do you transmit to Zwift via ANT+? It is the cell phone that’s running Zwift and cell phone doesn’t use ANT+ protocol. I don’t understand…

I suppose the best thing to do, as FRiC said is to buy a Zwift-compatible foot pod… not a big deal considering I still need a BT footpod since Suunto uses BT and not ANT+ like my old Garmin Foot Pod.

Sounds like you might want to look at the North Pole Engineering CABLE which converts the ANT+ signal to BT. It might be cheaper to pick up a Zwift Footpod however.

On my Windows computer I have an ANT+ dongle that connects my sensors, but I don’t use it for running. I’ve made a point of picking up BT/ANT+ devices, usually from Wahoo to maximize compatibility. Garmin is finally coming around to BT as well.

Well I’m still doing the cave’s configuration you know so this about running is secondary. I’m submitting to the Support forums. It’s a bluetooth issue with the laptop (cell phone Zwift is ok) where on the same laptop, the TacX desktop app shows everything connected and ready.

So you know… first solve biking issue with the trainer, then purchase the membership, then fix the runnning.

Hi @GShock112

We have some beginner-friendly sections that cover both running and cycling in the Zwift Support Hub.

You can read through the computer device options to run the Zwift game app, the supported run and ride hardware you can connect to Zwift, and also supported heart rate monitors.

Are you running the TACX desktop app and Zwift at the same time? It’s possible that the desktop app is locking the driver and not letting Zwift access it. Check the system tray and make sure it’s not running in the background without you being aware of it.

Stay safe over there, sounds like Italy has become a hotspot for this virus.


Both the Neo2T and the Suunto Smart Sensor (both of which are BT) are seen by the laptop’s OS (W10 x64).
Both are seen by TacX App and TacX Utility (and both by the cell phone and the laptop).
Both are seen by Zwift and Zwift Companion on the cell phone.

It appears beyond shadow of a doubt that it’s Zwift that has a problem and I mean the Zwift on the laptop.

I have examined the log and found something like 20+ errors in it. Errors of all kinds, not just connection errors.

Solution to Zwift laptop being unable to pair is to use the Zwift Companion on the cell phone, start Zwift on laptop and have it use the Companion pairing instead of the in-built BT sensor. Works like a charm…

I am safe from the virus, I do not believe a single word the fakestream media says, and neither should you. :wink: