"No Signal" from power meter when laptop is plugged in

My ant+ dongle wont pick up data from my PM when my laptop is plugged in, has anyone else had this problem?

Will your dongle pick up any other devices, if you have any? If the dongle won’t pick up anything, then it may have had its driver messed up in a Windows Update. Have a look in the Update section and see if you’ve got any Driver/Other updates that might be relevant.

I’m assuming it used to work fine and now it doesn’t, is that right? Otherwise there could be other issues, such as range.

When it’s not plugged in it connects (although I’m having issues with dropouts), but my laptop doesn’t really last long enough without the charger. I’ve tried another laptop (but it’s very similar) and the same thing happens. I’ll try the reinstall and the driver updates and let you know.

Thanks for the advice Steve!