No resistance changes (Ethernet direct connect)

Hey all, probably a long shot… for the last few weeks I’ve been having an issue where i don’t have any resistance or tilt changes on my kickr bike at the start of a ride, it doesn’t happen every time just randomly every 4-5 rides, my bike is connected via Ethernet direct connect and can confirm it shows connected in paired devices.
I can’t see that this is a kickr bike issue (nothing on the forum anyway).
Unpairing doesn’t rectify it (I have to turn the bike off and on then pair).
In the log file (see image) you can see the number of Bluetooth FTMS message resends and Bluetooth trainer resets (I hopped off the bike, unplugged, plugged back in and paired just before 3pm when they end and all working ok again).
Anyone got any ideas why this is happening and what the root cause is (zwift,bike,Bluetooth dongle (even though it is connected via Ethernet I believe it still uses Bluetooth), Ethernet cable, pc)…

Thanks all.

Hi @Peter_Kilby

I noticed on Wahoo’s support site for the KICKR Bike v2 that a firmware update specifically addresses disconnections over DirectConnect.

Have you tried updating your firmware and do some rides on the Wahoo app? Our friends at Wahoo might be better able to help diagnose this if it’s a firmware issue.

When you use DirectConnect it does not transmit via Bluetooth, it’s more like Bluetooth encapsulated in TCP/IP (waving hands around here). Assuming you paired via DirCon I would also try pairing via Bluetooth or ANT+ to see if it behaves differently. Might get you riding while you sort it out with Wahoo.

Hi! I appreciate you having a look into that for me. I did check last week for a firmware update but mine was up to date. I’ll have another check tomorrow.
I do need to contact wahoo anyway as got a clicking noise on the BB so I’ll mention it to them then.
Thanks you!

Ok. I’m actually on v2.1.18 so higher than wahoo firmware release notes.