No Pop up for Joined events or group rides


I have joined several events over the last week, plus a group ride organised by an zwifter i work with

In the app it shows the event is starting, but the pop up described in “Starting and Event” never appears

It is also not clear what you should do before he event.
Do you wait on the select a course - Ride screen ?
Do you pick the course the event is organised on then start ridding it on your own ?

All the videos I found show how to select a event to join, but non that actually shows someone starting that event. Any Hyperlins to video so i can compare what I am doing to what is meant to happen would be very helpful

Running on latest version Win 10, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for you help from someone getting fed up of riding on my own.


Im having the same problem just right now! how can i solve it, please?