No place#, just "Group Riders Nearby"?

(Vaughn Myers) #1

The last two races Ive joined don’t show what place I’m in compared to the other rides. Before, I used to see a number to the right that would tell me how many people were in front of me during the race. Now it says “Group Riders Nearby”::

Also, at the top it always says “Warm Up”. What does this mean?

(Paul Allen) #2

Have you registered on yet?

(Vaughn Myers) #3

No, how would registering change this? A month ago, in all my rsces, I always knew where I placed during the race.

(Nick LaVeaux) #4

Hi Vaughn,

I took a look at the activities that you had signed up for and taken part in on the day that you had written your post (last Thursday July 12th)

Those were indeed both races. However, that day and the following day were both London days, according to the Course Schedule. If you were using the “World Hack” to revisit Watopia, as your images suggest, then that would definitely explain the issue that you are seeing. If this is the case, please be sure to undo any changes you’ve made before attempting to participate in any events.

I hope that clarifies the situation. If not, please be sure to write in a ticket with this or any other issues that you might be experiencing.

Ride On!