No Pbs for new routes

Recently noticed that I haven’t received any PBs for routes or segments on any world possibly for the last 2 weeks. I’ve completed new routes in Scotland so would have assumed new PBs, No?
I will see the route completed banner but no confetti :frowning_face:

Any sugestions?

have you done the segments/routes more than once?

Some I probably haven’t so maybe that is why, thank you. If it’s a first time I will need to go again and better my time?
Is there anywhere to view completed routes and times?

can check under the badges section for the full routes, there are 3rd party sites like whcih when logged in will show you which courses you have completed etc

Yes, two easy places I find them.

  1. If you use Companion App check out your Ride Activity.

(Your PB / PR)

  1. If you are setting PBs in group rides, races or events check out the ‘Segments’ tab in ZwiftPower, select the segment and choose ‘Me’. This will show you, almost, all segment times you have done in group rides, races events. (Best one per event, not multiple entries for a single event)

Thanks Ian, appreciate that :+1: