No option to start a ride

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #1

After I login I see my profile page. From there I want to ride but see no option to make any selection to get started. 

(Jason K) #2

You’re logging into the game, correct? I don’t see any log in activity on your account, so I want to make sure you’re not trying to launch from the website.

If you are logging into the game but having problems, submit a support ticket via so we can help troubleshoot further.

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #3

No Jason, I was not using the app. I am all good now. Thanks!

(Penny Blake) #4

having exactly the same problem  please help


(C Corbin) #5

This was confusing to me as well. I thought you would launch from the website. You guys should consider putting something on the dashboard for new users so they understand they need the game to get started - which is taking me about 30 minutes to install

(Sara Hallas) #6

I’m having trouble too. Where do you launch the game from?

(Stef Levolger) #7

Install the game first.

For PC:
For Mac:

Then simply start up the installed product from your computer, enter your login details, and you’re pretty much set to go.

(Sara Hallas) #8

I see, now it makes sense.

Thank you Stef!