No join meetup button

Hi, I’m having a problem where we create a meetup but we don’t get the join meetup button, the game just keeps us riding around with no option to go to meetup. The timer almost runs out and we need to create a new meetup for five minutes later then close zwift and reopen zwift for the meetup to work, then usually we get the join meetup button on the second attempt. Any idea why this is happening?

Hi @David_Mckie_AHDR,

You might find some tips in this thread to help out:

I have tried several times this evening to try and work out the issue, my last attempt I joined using iPad and hey I could see the join button. I closed app as I still had 2 mins, restarted the laptop but I had moved it to nearer the middle of the bike… this time I received the button… I have run out of meeting invites for today, annoying when your are trying to test so will check again tomorrow at our next meet up. I’m going to keep the pc nearer the devices as previously it was in front of bike, that said it was picking up the devices.

That shouldn’t matter when joining an event. I would check your network or antivirus/firewall settings to see if that is blocking a port or something that Zwift is trying to use. It sounds like it is working fine on the ipad, so it must be a setting on the PC.

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I often don’t get the auto join button on my own meet-ups. I have to keep logging out and back in until it appears.