Meetup invitation not working

I have a problem: I generate a meetup, but the invitation is not popping out…and I loose my own event!
Is there a way to correct this problem? Is it that I have to create it off game and than log into?

Thanks all =)

The join event button only show when there is 5min left before the event start.

Yes, I know, but happened that the button has not shown in some occasions, and that pressing the button nothing happened. I tryed also to refuse and re-accept the event to push the generation of the “join event” button, but also in that case (especially in that case) nothing happened

I’ve had issues with that as well when inviting someone who was already in a ride, they never got the invite and could not join. I think it is best if you are not on Zwift when accepting or sending out meetup invitations, but this is just speculation.

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Can you screenshot what you’re seeing, please?

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Sure, tomorrow I’ll take some pictures =) thanks for your help

Today the meetup was fine, I logged in the game 6 min in advance and the “transfer” button appeared 1 min before the start. I was afraid it was again impossible for me to join (I accepted the invitation once in game, and not in advance from the companion app) but all went ok. I’ll test it again tomorrow!

This is a good thing! Hopefully it was a one-time issue.