No End Of Race Stats


I did my first race yesterday and whilst it was great fun, at the end there was no banner, or rankings etc… The race just stopped and I was free wheeling for a couple of minutes before ESC out and saving to Strava


I see my stats in Strava and in but I was confused that the race didn’t ‘end’. I also am pretty sure I should have had my FTP updated (I would have expected this notification at the end of the race) but nothing…

The Race was SZR TT RACE at 18:10 BST 8th May yesterday,

Is it relevant that I realized I did not pick a TT bike before I started (my misstate, thought it was automatic)? Is there anything else which could cause the race to not end in an obvious way?



Hi Liam!

It sounds like there could be a few things that happened. I’m going to open a ticket for you, so that we can work a little bit closer.