No Finish line in Race

Hey @ all,

I made my first Race today.
The race was 32km. I was waiting for for the finish line, but I haven’t one.
Also I am not in the result list.

After 42 km I sroped and I store the Activity.

What is wrong?

Thanks a lot


Can you say exactly what race/time/course it was?
Did you start on time in the pens or did you join late?

I start on time.
The course was SZR Summit Series ©
It starts on 1:25 this afternoon

I think, I have the Problem.
It was no HR Monitor connected

Sometimes, the person in charge must finalize the results before they show. SZR is actually not a race but a group ride with a fun finish.
[](http://SZR Summit)
It is possible you may have gotten ahead of the fence used in this ride and dropped from official results.
If you haven’t already, register at for all your race results.