No data recorded for my Tour de Zwift Ride

ZP no. 1588258

Why was no data recorded against my latest TdZ ride… others in the event seemed to have also suffered from this. Is it because I moved back to my original world? Should I have stayed where I was? I have data recorded in Strava. It’s just a bit odd. I’m sure I have improved my 1 minute power but it failed register. How come?

It’s best to save ur ride straight after the TDZ rides I find. The same thing happened to me when I continued on for 120km after the TDZ ride. It didnt pick up that i had ticked off that stage because I rode for longer after. Also if u do a “workout” straight after it doesn’t like that either. Or if your wifi dropped out for 1 second it wont count. And yeah, if u didnt press save b4 you moved back to your original world it probably didnt like that either. So best to just save it to be sure and then restart from scratch for your warm down.

I’ve also had this issue, as have others in a similar thread posted yesterday.

I completed TdZ Stage 6: Longer Ride, coasted to a stop, and saved the activity, but nothing was uploaded to Zwift.

i should have clarified - it failed to upload data to ZwiftPower.