No data from TDZ stage 4


Did stage 4 at 1600. But no data has been uploaded to Zwift Power og Strava. I could manually upload fit file to strava. But Zwift Power does not show any info :frowning:

What to do?

/Krisitan T.

Happened to me also today at 12:00 cet and on TDZ doesnt say that the stage is completed.

same here - just ended stage 4 but no real finish… no upload to zwift or strava
i only see 6.81km???

Same here - around 12k uploaded although it mentioned at the finish line that I did it completely… Also no position during race

Also same for me on the event today at 18.00 CET. 33 km uploaded although I made it through the finish gate even further downhill. When I crossed the gate, it did not show me that event was completed and as I rode further the bar showing the distance to the finish was actually increasing!

I have made a post on Zwift power to see if there is any response there…

/Kristian T.

Same thing for me on the 18:00 stage tonight. Stopped recording at 34Km

Same here, 7pm GMT ride, completed all OK (but signal dropped for the last 1.5miles and was riding on my own. Saved ride as per normal but .fit file only has the first 7miles. Seems I’m not alone!

If you are experiencing issues with partial saves for Tour de Zwift rides please submit a support request. We are happy to help! :slight_smile:

My understanding is Zwift Power pulls the data off of Strava so if you upload the .fit to Strava you will get it in both places (you may have to hit the ‘Regenerate Results’ button on Zwift Power).

same here … oh man so many problems last months…


I have uploaded data to Strava and hit the regenerate button i ZwiftPower but nothing changed :frowning:

/Kristian T.

I have just created a support ticket at Let’s see what they say.

/Kristian T.

Also same problem. Did TDZ stage 4 yesterday at 5pm and said I completed it but says some data is incomplete , and wont load to my strata account…have I got to do it again ?

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Same here TDZ stage 4 14:00 - finished stage all seemed normal; zc shows a partial activity of 4:53 miles. It did save a .fit file so I could post that to strava. Luckily no plans Saturday so I don’t mind riding again but hopefully won’t occur on another stage when I don’t have extra time to make up.

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Having all the same issues as above.

I missed the first 3 stages so not sure if its supposed to happen, but in previous Zwift Tours we got an email once we completed each stage. Has this happened for the previous 3 stages?
I didn’t get one after just completing stage 4.

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Im having the same no data from Stage 4.

Still saying activity details could not be loaded. Any help would be appreciated

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Same for me. TDZ Stage 4 at 18:00 CET. Final kilometers are missed.

I had the same problem yesterday, stage 4 did not finised I rode till 45 Km so I had to leave the session, uploaded the FIT file manualy to Strava without a problem, but Swift did not register the ride at all after saving.
I sumitted a call at support, I hope they have way to insert it in my activities WITH stage 4 completed.