No confetti for segment PR [April 2024] [1.61]

There used to be confetti when you set a new PR in a sprint or KOM, now I only see a confetti ribbon laid down on the floor.

I believe Confetti has been broken since 1.61

I haven’t seen much discussion of it however…

All the confetti was given to the L100 riders to dole out as they please! :slight_smile:


With the next update, the rest of us are going to be able to dole out covfefe instead, so there’s that.


Hey all -

Thanks for flagging this up. We’re looking into it.


Interestingly I saw it working in Paris yesterday.

But everywhere else that I have seen it has been broken in some aspect (it’s been like this before a while ago), I can’t really say what it’s doing; it’s visible across the ground on the side the riders are riding on, but not “in the air.”

It is functioning, it’s just displaying incorrectly; something probably to do with how the shaders are drawn or when/where than anything else.

We’ve found a root cause and the fix will be in game version 1.64. We didn’t make the deadline for 1.63. We appreciate your patience.


@shooj Confetti won’t shoot once you complete an achievement or ride a PR. You can see the confetti in the ground at the side of the road, but it won’t be seen on the screen flying around.

Will be fixed in the next update

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I merged your post into the thread under way. We expect this will be fixed in game version 1.64.

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