No Carly Cyclosaurus costume

I wasn’t aware that there was a new update for Zwift and upon loading the app via IOS (Apple) there was no prompts to update the app.

From the launch menu I could choose Carly Cyclosaurus as a pace partner, so after riding for an hour and 10 mins with no costumes popping I though that something was wrong plus the fact that all those around me were not in a costume.

So after finishing my ride I did a full reset and went to the App Store only to find that there was a update. After updating the app I went back on and joined Carly again but this time I could see that people were in a costume but the annoying this is that my time spent earlier did not count :sob:.

Is there anything that I can do without redoing the event??

Hi @Daniel_Thompson3

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You have to stay with the pace partner. You get the costume in parts about one part per 15min. If you go to fast or slow you have to start from scratch.

You also don’t keep the costume.

Hi Gerrie,

I did keep within the pace partner bubble and the highest drops multiplier that I attained was 2.0 - see below for the link to my ride on Zwift and Strava.

As per the auto saved image in my activity, you can see that I have 1.4 bonus multiplier but no costume parts and those around me also do not have costume parts.

Hi @Daniel_Thompson3, looks like you found the reason why the Halloween costume wasn’t working. There wasn’t a way to keep the costume so even after earning all the parts you would lose it as soon as you left the pace partner.

But even when I joined another session with the pace partner my costume was still showing, from a user point of view it feels like I have lost a hour of pursuing an objective for it only to fail.

On the positive side, I got in a hours workout!!:rofl:

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