Halloween Pacers - They're back!

The Halloween pace partners(I can’t bring myself to say RoboPacers…) are now live! Zwift has made some changes as to how you can get the costume. Unfortunately, it is basically the same thing that we saw last year… Here is an article with info and images: Zwift Halloween 2022 - ZRace Central

Pace Partners 4 EVA


It seems that the tweak to provide the full costume instantly wasn’t very fine grained… EVERYBODY is in the costume of the bot you’re with. Even riders with other Halloween bots! The other bot is in the costume they should have, but the riders with them are in the same costume as you! Twice saw Cyclosaurus surrounded by Mechas.

A bit disappointed that the lowest Halloween D pace partner I could see was at 2.1w/kg, which is too fast for my current level. Oh well, next year hopefully


It may have to do with the fact that there are like 8 other pace partners running, so there is only room for 3 more, and Zwift likely chose the most popular paces.

Yes this year Halloween was even more disappointing that last year.

Lots of people in game asked why is there nothing been done for halloween, if you missed it among the multiple tiles on the home screen then you missed it.

Also getting the whole costume when you start riding was a big disappointment.


it’s almost impossible to tell who you are and where you are in the bunch too, I had no idea which avatar was mine or which one the PP was (no signal above them).

I did see some jack o lanterns around Watopia which is always cool.

My favorite of the past years was the scavenger hunt where you had to ride to certain points to get the parts of the costume. More of that please! Everyone can participate in that too (as long as you don’t put parts in hard to get to areas like top of the alp or radio tower).


I agree Mike I also liked that one a lot, it was a bit of fun.

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These were more fun last year when you had to “earn” the costume. I rode a couple laps with Dino and got bored pretty quickly. The slow-moving drops multiplier is a bummer for people who want/need to earn drops, and I didn’t like how it just turns everyone around you into whatever costume.