No bike or road sounds?

Back in May, one day I could no longer hear my bike, the road, or riders around me. Oddly, no sound for the power-up roulette wheel either. But everything else has sound. I can hear birds, music, the train, water, XP ding, Ride On, etc. So as an example, before this happened and I was in a pace group, the sound of all the riders around me was super loud, as it should be. Now they are literally all silent. When someone rips past me either on my side of the road, or oncoming, totally silent. If I ride across a bridge with boards, no sound.

So I tried every combo I could think of on my PC. Nothing. Then I just played on my iPhone, and same problem!

Has anyone else noticed this?

yes, we all hate the sounds so thankfully they were removed.

you’re welcome

Wait, seriously?

honestly I have my sounds turned down pretty low and have music playing so I never hear them anymore anyway. I just checked and turned the volume all the way up in the settings, there is definitely still road noise and passing bikes can be heard. I assume you turned up the volume in the settings?

Yep, both sliders max.

The road noise and other bikes is definitely working, maybe you need to do a reinstall? However, strange that you also couldn’t hear it on the iphone? :man_shrugging:

So on my phone there is an ever so slight hint of rider noise, but drastically lower than it was before May. No power-up roulette, though. And no sounds of boards on bridges.

I also had sounds on boards and bridges, still there