No beacon switch on PC

Hi @shooj we lost our leader on the PACK ride tonight (Ride ID 2133777) and the beacon did not switch to the backups for all the windows PC riders. The yellow only switched for all apple tv users, they could see it, windows users could not. Then about 10 minutes later suddenly all the PC users could see the yellow as well.


Hi @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA

Thanks for reporting it. I’ll ask our team to see if this was specific to this event’s setup, or something else.

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I see this has been marked as a known issue, but do want to confirm that this is still happening. We often have a “change of beacon” during our rides and the transition used to be smooth. As stated above, now it can take upwards of 10 minutes for everyone in the event to see the new ride leader as the yellow beacon. Some users will take less time, but it seems that the 10 minute mark is the longest it has taken.

Have a great day.

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Hi @shooj it just happened again with the 1.15 update. Different leaders, atv users saw the beacon swap, windows users including the new leader had to wait around 10 minutes for the switch.

Bug is still there, one of our ride leaders lagged out and the backup was using a windows pc. Took around 10 minutes again for the beacon to switch.

I observed this same issue yesterday evening on a DIRT ride, the leader had to leave and it took a few minutes for the windows users to see the beacon and the new leaders messages in the center of the screen. Others were able to see the switch and leader messages immediately.

Same thing again tonight, leaders pc was playing up so he logged out, it took 10 minutes again for the beacon to move for PC users to the backup.

Hi @shooj, this bug just happened to us again, 10 minutes for the yellow to switch.

I’ll bump this ticket again. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

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