Yellow Beacon + fence intermittently invisible for some in group [Yumezi] [1.14.1]

In the SZR Evening Joyride (D) group ride today (17:04 UTC / 19:04 CEST start) on the Three Villages Loop route, sometime after the first 20 minutes of all being well, the Yellow Beacon symbol and the fence (@Paul_Cooper_Ve_SZR) disappeared from the screens of some - but not all - riders.
Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find any cases listed here while running a quick search.

Apart from a few rare instances of Paul reappearing briefly in the neighbouring riders column on the right of the screen, he stayed invisible to what seemed the majority of riders for the rest of the ride, while continuing to ride with and message us, all while being alongside us from his point of view. From a quick straw poll in the chat, there seemed to be no correlation between the devices riders were using for Zwift and being able to see the YB or not.

The Yellow Beacon symbol sometimes reappeared in the mini map, way out to the left of the bottom of that box, but was generally not visible at all. I’m attaching a screen grab of my companion app (iPhone), showing the YB symbol far away from where the group with Paul was said to be riding.
Interestingly, the Red Beacon remained visible to all riders throughout the ride.

From time to time, I got the ‘RETURN TO GROUP’ message on my screen, despite the fence not being visible in game or in the mini map.

If this isn’t a known issue, please add it to the list of ‘features to tweak’. Thanks.

@Roule_Thoune thank you for posting this, your screen capture is interesting.

Tonight’s livestream link.

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Roule. Thanks for posting. It seemed very strange I was pleased I was visible as Red Beacon but Paul as Yellow also disappeared from my view too at one point. This glitch makes it very tricky keeping the group together and to pace. Hopefully gets sorted soon

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Saw something similar to this on the one group event I’ve done on Makuri Islands. I was in the middle of a split group following a quick descent - think it was at the bottom the bit in the OP’s pic, but coming the other direction - then the beacon disappeared from behind me and reappeared with the front group, maintaining the event pace. Everyone middle and back (including me) was instantly dropped, mucking up the event for half of the participants.

Apologies if this is a different issue, but seems related.

Cheers, Dave.
There’s certainly something not quite right with the apparent positioning of other riders in relation to oneself in group rides at the moment. Might be a Makuri Islands issue.
On this same ride, according to the RH column, at times fellow riders were jumping from five places behind me (around 15 secs back during a stretched out section) to five places in front, without any avatars overtaking me. Weird.

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@Roule_Thoune @Paul_Cooper_Ve_SZR @David_Butler2768 @Dave_ZPCMR

Thanks all for reporting in and doing some on-the-fly troubleshooting. The video from Paul’s POV vs. Roule’s POV are interesting. Let me flag this up to the team.

At this point - I do not think it’s related to the 1.15.0 game release, which went out about 4 minutes before your hour-long ride finished.

With Dave’s report from a different event - the common thread is Makuri Islands, so I’ll report that as a common denominator.

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@shooj this has been an issue since we have been allowed groups events in Makuri.

My lead streams from the 12th SZR Joyride D and 13th SZR Knightrider show it too I believe.



I have had reports of this every time we take the AHDR rides to Makuri Island, & have experienced it myself on other group rides. I did NOT have any reports this morning from 340 riders in our AHDR Bacon Rolls event on Makuri Island which occurred not long after the 1.15.0 update.

Thanks @T_im_BacOn_Searle_AH for this as I have another ride in Makuri this evening.

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Perfect: that should be a good test to see if the update deals with this issue, Paul. This evening I can’t be on Zwift, unfortunately - would have liked to test it myself. It’s good that you stream the rides, providing documentary proof. :+1:

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