No activities in new companion

I just updated the companion app and it reports nothing for activities

Hi Paul

The exact same happened to me after doing the Companion App update (Version 3.34.0 (1231) on iOS), however all my activities and those of people I follow on Zwift show up correctly in the “Activities” tab at the bottom of the Companion App.

I also noted that after the update, as soon as someone I follow completed an activity, it showed correctly in that section of the “Home” tab as normal.



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Older activities just started appearing for me on the main screen. Looks like this was fixed already :+1:t2:

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Apparently this is still an issue. After rebooting my phone it went back to displaying no activities on the main screen. Killing the app and restarting it didn’t help. Not a big deal but probably a bug in the latest companion. (Update: every phone reboot results in the problem coming back.)

Same here (iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.4.1) with latest version of Companion (3.34.0), but I don’t even need to reboot the device. Just hard closing the Companion app and reopening it has the same effect.
Fortunately, making Companion refresh by doing the ‘pull down and release’ gesture in the middle of the front page is enough to repopulate the Activities. Without that gesture, that section remains empty indefinitely, apparently.

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Yes, same for me. If you close the app, relaunch it the activities are empty. If you pull to refresh they show up. I’m also on iPhone 11, but on 14.8.1 OS and just had the companion update this morn.

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Working normally on Android.

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Same for me on iPhone since the last update two days ago.

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Update: Turns out the iPhone (running Companion) and Mac (running Zwift) were connected to different WiFi networks. All is well after getting them on the same Wifi.

Same for me after the latest Companion update. Companion will not show my progress during a ride but shows the activities and data after I’ve finished. iPhone X, iOS 15.4.1

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Not starting on Android at all after update. After cleaning cache and data strarting with login screen and nothing more after entering creditionals.

And here I thought it was only me :joy:

Activities on the Home page is empty unless I pull down to refresh the display.

Zwift Companion 3.34.0
iPhone 12 mini
iOS 15.4.1

Bumping this since it’s still 100% repro for me (if you launch the app from a fresh launch the activities are never there until you refresh them). Once you pull-to-refresh they do show until the app is fully closed down.

Has anyone from Zwift acknowledged the issue? It’s not that impactful to me since I know to pull-to-refresh, but my guess is to some folks this is just going to be looking perpetually broken.


I get this issue on iPad and iPhone , if I pull down the screen and refresh they populate the box then.

This issue seems to have been resolved in today’s Companion update (3.35.0), at least in iOS.

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Yup, forced update just now, and the refresh issue is fixed for me too.

Appears to be fixed.

Zwift Companion 3.35.0
iPhone 12 mini
iOS 15.4.1

Companion hasn’t worked for me in a week now on my two android devices.
Just tried the update to 3.35 and still have just a blue screen.