Activity List in ZwiftPower is not updating

I’m having trouble updating my activity list on Zwiftpower. My last activity that appears is from the 8th of July. Would anyone know how to resolve this?

In activities, right hand side of the screen above the search tab there is a bluw icon, says update activity list,… click on it. Will take you back to your profile after updating, then you will need to click on your activities again, should be updated

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Thanks for the feedback Jason, but I’ve been doing this procedure you described since Saturday, but the update doesn’t occur.

Did you change your privacy settings recently? If you don’t have your Zwift activities set to “Everyone” can see, then the activities won’t appear in the list.

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Have you noticed that also none of your rides/runs since 8th July have been saved to Zwift, as normally shown on your Zwift Companion Activity ?

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Hi @Marcelo_Seiji welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m scanning through your recent server logs and I’m seeing you log in from a Windows machine, and two different iPhones.

Logging in to your account from multiple machines at the same time will create all kinds of weird problems, including activities not terminating correctly. That in turn can show up as your activities not updating in ZwiftPower.

If you Zwift on your PC - it’s a good idea to uninstall the main game app from your iPhone(s). The Companion app of course should run on your iPhone. Would you try that and see if your activities show as expected?

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Thanks @Hans_Whipple . This was exactly what I needed to do. Right after putting all activities to “everyone” mode, I was able to refresh and verify that all my activities appeared!

Thanks for the feedback @shooj . The problem occurred when I disabled the “Everyone” function from viewing my activities in Companion. But regarding logins on Windows and iPhones, it’s because I use cycling mode on my PC, and run mode on the treadmill I use my iPad.