New Zwift HUB trainer, power supply defect

Hello, I received the new HUB trainer and installation worked well. When connecting the power supply no LED light visible. I measured the voltage with a multimeter and the power supply output secondary is only 4,5mV instead of 19V as promissed.
Any idea how to get direct support/call from a Zwift expert? Shall I send all back and order a complete new trainer?
I tried since 3 days to get support which helps but only mail are flying around.

See this thread, sounds like the same problem:

Hi @Georg_Rascher welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see that you received an email response from Dana about 30 minutes ago. We do not handle warranty claims here on this public forum because these interactions require we ask private information from you. Please resume your email conversations so we assist you promptly.

Also - your English is excellent, so let Dana know that you need not have a German speaking colleague’s assistant. This may help you get quicker assistance.