New user questions

I have bought a tacx flow t2240. Usb ant and extension cable for my pc. Cadence sensor on order and probably heart rate strap to follow in the new year. All works really well. And was easy to set up etc… I have even joined after my first ride.

Had an an email inviting feedback…

My friend has joined at the sametime. Once we are both logged in i can select ride with him. But how do i stop it from loosing him in the sea of other riders?
I am not asking to turn off the other riders. Just get rid of their names or highlight my friends somehow

We are new to it so it will be a while till we can keep pace with eachother so at times we were 10 seconds away. At which point he completely dropped off the list at the right. How can my friends be made to always show on that list?


After some more thought about it.

Why doesn’t zwift have a ‘party’ concept? most online multiplayer games use this. it allows you and you friends to create a party/group/squad/whatever to allow your friends or the people you are coop working with at the time to stand out from the hundreds of other online players.

This approach would also help with the arranged rides. All the riders in the ride could join a party/group for the ride and the system would know who was who. This would remove the messy need to add a suffix to the end of your name. i.e. KISS.