Stupid Newbie Question

Hi folks,

I’ve now been using Zwift for about four weeks and getting used to it.

One thing I can’t work out is when you look at your ride you have a group “Zwifted With”.

I get that you can see who gave you a “Ride On” but I was doing a workout that lasted about 1hr 25 mins and I must have been around hundreds of riders. When I look in the “Zwifted With” list there’s only about 20 or 30. They’re obviously people who were there but what puts them on my list and not others? Are they doing the same workout or something similar?

As I say, sorry for the stupid question, but was just wondering who they were.

I think they have to be close to you for a certain time. So even if they are in the same group or event if they aren’t close enough for long enough it won’t pick it up.