New upgrade 1.0.10145

Good morning

A few things I found this morning.  

Zwift uploaded the new update this morning - 1.0.10145.  And the link between computer and bike (Wahoo kickr) worked a treat (which was great…as mine has worked intermittently) while my phone dropped off to sneak preview a few times which was a bit of downer (I have an Apple phone and computer…could there be an issue?)

Secondly the score I used to have…as of yesterday 56210 has now gone…while the totals are still there…if I am on level 18 now is that normal?..and does that mean I have to start again.  Also the picture of the mountain doesn’t have the percentage climbed on it any longer (I only just found out you could swap from one to the other…so this is no issue as I only just started).  

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Kind regards


Hi Cheryl,

I am having the same issue with MacBook Pro and Android Phone (Samsung S6), I keep getting booted back to the sneak peek view, mobile link only worked at a maximum of 3 minutes between crashes last night.

I can still see my percentage climbed however.

Hoping Zwift can get this figured out ASAP as I use the mobile link to pair my trainer.

My Android Mobile link no longer connects to the pc since that update.

Yes all pieces are on the same IP network.