New update 2/8/18.

Wonder what was in the new update today (2/8/18).

Here is a list:

  • Fixed issues that could cause crash on iPad Air 2
  • Fixed run pace in TrainingPeaks workouts
  • More running unlocks added
  • Added ability to Greatest London Flat route to be multi-lap
  • Fixed running cadence display in workout mood

And Running comes out of beta today.

Given Paul’s, list it make me wonder how many resources have been diverted to support the running aspect of Zwift versus progressing the cycling platform.  Yes, I am  a bit biased against the running part since I don’t use it


I don’t think any resource have been diverted to support running, I think addition resources have been added. There are a lot of people just using Zwift for the running portion and there are other who started out just running and are now doing both running and biking. I do both biking and running so I can get most of my triathlon training done in my basement (swimming is the next challenge). With the inclusion of running Zwift has expanded it’s base and in return added additional paying customers, all of this will help in progressing biking and running in the future.


The patch added some running shoes and boosted the speed on Intel 3000 devices a bit.  Not much more than that.

Paul don’t get me wrong, Zwift is still the best (OK, maybe only) multiplayer cycling simulation out there.  With the increase in staff and maturity of the app, I was expecting to see a much more rapid pace for adding new routes and features.  In the past year we have seen only 3 fairly modest expansions (Volcano, Jungle, London expansion).  I am assuming we wont get another until after the northern hemisphere winter is over. We still don’t have the ability to select locale and we still see servers crashing on big events.  Maybe this is the fastest pace that can be sustained, but like I said, I was expecting more by now, and I cant help wondering if all the “diversions” into adjacent markets is the cause. 


Agreed, there are a lot of request that need to be taken care off: Changing Routes without exiting, Save and upload ride/run without being forced to exit the app, customize HUD, Ability to choose world that you want to ride and many others. I would also like to see a little bit more focus on the solo riders, since lately it seems Zwift is ignoring them and only focusing on group/races. 

Hopefully we get another world and more expansions soon with more routes to choose from (both forward and reverse directions).


I don’t personally run on our treadmill.  My wife does and uses Zwift for it.  Much safer and more entertaining then running outside right now.  (Canada).  She uses trainer road for her cycling.  I really enjoy Zwift.  The level of detail in Watopia and my computer is amazing.  To be sure, I just watched a Youtube video from 2015.  There has been quite a bit of graphical subtle changes and attention to detail.  Remember the first time you saw a runner on Zwift.  It was hilarious. I used to do a lot of free riding and sort of got bored.  Was about to pack it in and try something else.  Would keep my subscription, just try something else.  I looked at BKool and something else.  Moving videos?  Great, this is boring.  All alone.  Bkool’s detail?  Road and trees.  Real time weather, big deal.  So, back to Zwift.  I too wanted more islands.  London again?  Bah!.  Then I joined a group ride.  I don’t normally group ride in real life, so I thought I would try it.  It was a blast.  I don’t even realize I am riding in London most times.  Just focused on the group now.  There is a lot of things for people to try.  Everyone has a different idea as to what is fun for them.  I think the Zwift team is doing a great job mixing it up.  Creating a large island with that much detail requires a lot of manpower and hours of work.  Here is my “ride on” to the staff at Zwift.  Keep up the good work and thank you to Jon for bringing it to a reality. 

They also fixed the bug that started your climbing total at 85m (300ft) when choosing the Jungle Circuit route (where you spawn part way up the climb to the jungle)

After this new release I still cannot run zwift in mi Mac Mini. Same problem for many users of MAC since the previous release.

I was told by Zwift they would work to try to compatibilize again these MAC with not so powerful graphic cards.

Any news about it from Zwift?

Did anyone having the same problem see any improvement with this release?

If ZWIFT is not able to fix this I will be forced to unsubscribe, since I am not willing to spend money in a new computer. I guess thousands of users will be in the same situation.