New trainer, level nog correct

Hey, since 3 weeks in have a new trainer, (elite Direto XR, a direct drive trainer, before this one, i had the Tackx Vortex (with a wheel). The difference between the two is huge, today i rode a race (B) and ended 98 or something, with An average of 3,4w/k and A average HR off 159.
I see That I am UPG, i think that means that i al in the wrong category, with the old trainer, i did Some races with An average of 4.2w/kg, so i understand that in that case i have to ride in the A cat.
but now, it is impossible to achieve that ammount off power with the new (more realistic i think) trainer.
Is There a way to modify my level from A to B?

Regards Jeroen.

Best to drop a request off to who should be able to change that for you.

There’s a thread in the racing section and Flint is taking care of these issues.