Placed to a new category after changing trainer

Hi guys, I had been racing on Zwift for 5 months and I had recently (end of December) changed my trainer from a wheel on Tacx vortex to a Kickr Core. Unfortunately I think the Tacx Vortex was faulty as it was roughly +20% power vs the Kickr Core - I’m currently in A cat and need to drop down to B asap (as this is where I should be) - who do I contact please? Thanks kev

Email and explain the change

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Hi @K_ev1 Welcome to Zwift Forums, I’m pleased to read that you’ve been racing for 5 months, you’re doing such a great job and I can imagine how crucial it is for you to go back to category B.

I’d like to kindly suggest calibrating your Wahoo KICKR Core so the info provided is as accurate as possible to give you the best experience. To go back to your desired category, you may need to wait until your previous data passes 90 days, so it’s not included in the calculation

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@K_ev1 If you contact they can, at their discretion, decide to invalidate previous rides so your category is based on current rides with your new trainer. This is not guaranteed but you may as well ask and see what happens. Please report back if that solution works or not.

If your Kickr Core is running the latest firmware then it will calibrate automatically.

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