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Hi. I just got a new trainer which is showing much lower power than the old one. I am now in Cat A, but it is now too much for me. Can you move me from A to Cat B? My new trainer is Tacx Neo 2T but the old one was Kinetic Rock n Roll.

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I too have a Kenetic but it’s a Road Machine with an InRoad 3 sensor.
How far off is your Rock and Roll?
Did it require a calibration before each ride?

My new trainer is showing about 15% less power than my old Kenetic Rock and Roll trainer.
It did not require a calibration before each ride, but I should have done it. But I tried few times to calibrate the trainer, but I always got an error.

So are you saying you could never reliably calibrate the trainer?
I usually am able to calibrate mine every ride but there was a time about 18 mo or 2 years ago where the Kinetic app was messed up and I could not calibrate for several months.
I think Spring came and I moved to outside riding before it was sorted but by the next year, I was able to reinstall the app and do a hard reset and I have had no issues since.