New to Zwift - have some questions

Why do some riders have glowing wheels?

Why do some riders have a screen in front of their bike avatar?


Hi @Rob_Morgan2, welcome to the forums!

Glowing wheels is known as the “tron” bike (Zwift Concept Bike), you get this by completing the everest challenge and climbing 50,000 meters I think… it takes a while to earn it, you can’t buy it in the drop shop.

The screen in front of other Zwifters is workout mode, if you see this then they are doing a workout and not free riding or in an event/group ride.


Thank you for helping me. I have a lot to figure out still. I am LOVING Zwift so far.

Great! A good reference is

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Wow, yes this is great. Thank you for the link. It looks like I can learn a lot here. I want to know all I can and take advantage of everything Zwift has to offer. Good times-

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