New to Zwift - couple of questions

Hello everyone,

I am new to Zwift and indoor smart trainers in general. So far the experience is a huge improvement compared to riding on a regular trainer but I’m trying to understand a few things so I can figure out how Zwift works.

I am an intermediate/advanced level rider and just to get to grips with Zwift I started with the 101 set of rides. I own a Kickr 2018. I did the first ride and noticed that the speed was ridiculously slow on the screen (although my Garmin 935 which is reading power from the Kickr was giving more realistic speed values). I understand how speed is calculated but there is no way that putting out 250 watts on 0% gradient would result to 16-18 kph. Have I missed some of the settings that are involved in the calculation of speed?

I also noticed that when the target wattage was changing the feel in the legs was not as obvious as I thought. I had to be convinced by the modest increase in heart rate. Is there a way to confirm the power readings somehow?

Finally, does Swift have any interface in which you can see details of your rides such as you see in Strava, Garmin connect etc.? I have Zwift companion but I can just see my rides, no detail. I have Garmin connect liked but the ride did not show up there via Zwift, just from my Garmin 935.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any advice as I’m deciding whether to stay with Zwift or use an alternative.


Something not right. For me 250 watts on the flat would yield 35 - 40k/ph. Have you got your Kickr paired as the power source in addition to controllable trainer? Note that if you do a group workout that speed is determined (as far as I know) by the slowest rider in the group. You’ll be rubber banded to them and if their FTP is low then the group’s speed will be slow since they could be putting out say 120 watts when you’re doing 250 watts.

Zwift has nothing apart from the end ride stats. You have to view your stats post ride on something like Strava. You can however see the distance you rode in your Zwift profile online or on the Zwift companion app.

Download Zwift Companion app. Goto More … Settings / Connections and you will see the option to connect to Strava, Garmin etc.