New scenes

As an avid workout junkie, I love the variety of areas in watopia it gives me some good eye candy (even on low graphics on a rubbish laptop) to enjoy whilst sweating through my 40/20’s or 2x20’s.

Much as a lot of posts have gone into a variety of types of climb/terrain for the bike, I would love to see further expansions look at different scenery. I love mixing up the odd snowy scene one day up a mountain with a steamy jungle the next to be followed by a rendition of a rainy Richmond on a third.

For those areas not based on real life I would love to see gamification of further areas - barreling through claustrophobic mines, soaring through the clouds on bridges made of light, pedaling through oversized children’s toys, storming through glowing industrial scenes, and quickly passing through a post apocalyptic landscape to name but a few. 

This would not in anyway change the gameplay but merely add visual interest and a few new routes.

The joy of a cycling paradise is that it need not be limited by mere scientific, historical or geographical reality. 

What other areas could tickle your fancy?

Totally agree. A new world is meant to be coming in the next few months. Let’s hope it’s a fantasy world.