New Route "Mega Pretzel with Alpe Du Zwift"

Dear Zwift,

would it be possible to add the Alpe Du Zwift to the Mega Pretzel route?

I tried it yesterday, by including the climb each time I reach it on the jungle lap, which would make it twice on the whole route. Overall it is about 162 KM with 3700 HM.

I acknowledge that this would be really difficult to some riders and maybe offputing. But including this terrific climb atleast once would be very innovative.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Hi, Does the “Four Horsemen” not satisfy? It seems to cover the whole map.

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately ‘Four Horsemen’ doesn’t cover this map. The Epic KOM Reverse, Jungle Reverse and the Hilly KOM Forward is missing. Also I find it more effektiv to finish the Alpe Du Zwift at first, before all the other climbs, for a number of reasons.

  1. Climbs favours lighter riders. It gives heavier riders a chance to catch up later on.
  2. Riders can finish the toughest climb of Watopia at first. Four Horsemen drains them with several small climbs before it even starts, ergo favouring again lighter riders.

As mentioned before, I would would even prefer to use Alpe Du Zwift only once in this route.

Best regards,



I’m try to find the Alps Du Zwift but it’s not showing up. I’m a level 12 and just updated the App. Any suggestions?




My preference would four horses twice. The you get two big climbs. Bit more like a grand tour stage.

That is my point. If you would ride ‘Four Horses’ twice and mirror the last the one, you would have the ‘Mega-Pretzel’ with Alpe Du Zwift. But as mentioned, I find this very difficult and unfair to heavier riders. 

My idea would be to use the route of the Mega Pretzel and include Alpe Du Zwift right at the beginning.

You could play around with Alpe Du Zwift as route anyway. One would be, as in the famous TdF, a stage finish on top of the climb. But - again - this would be unfair to heavier riders. 

Best regards,


Ed: choose the Route to Sky route to get to the Alpe the fastest.