Etape du Tour 2019 Training Club

As this training program does not end in a simulated/virtual Etape route on Zwift, does anyone have any recommendations for how to replicate the 88 mile/14,000ft event on Zwift?

Soon to be released Uber Pretzel route and add a climb up Alpe de Zwift :wink:


  • 126.1km (78.4 miles) long
  • 2362m (7748′) elevation gain
  • Level Lock: 12

Bigger even then Watopia’s Mega Pretzel, this route adds nearly 20km and 700m of climbing to Zwift’s longest route.

That would get you something like 150km (94 miles) and 3400m (11,152’) climbing. Sounds awful :joy:

Sounds truly horrendous… That’s a long time on the trainer…

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