Uber pretzel

Doing the uber pretzel tomorrow, how difficult is it to do 80mile on the turbo? Can you break off halfway and resume after a quick food stop.

You can take as many breaks as you want for as long as you want. Have fun!


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Remember that you get the downhill after the alpe for free - and then you may as well round it up to 100 miles.

It’s a idea, will see how the legs are doing.

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How hard 80 miles on the trainer is may well depend on how much time you spend on the trainer. If your longest ride so far is 10 miles, 80 may prove pretty rough. At this point in my Zwift experience, 100 miles isn’t an issue. Do be sure to take a break if you need one, though. And be sure to get out of the saddle frequently, as well as change your hand position. Drinking and eating is very important, too. And a good fan!!

Take as many food or bathroom breaks as needed. Definitely stay on top of your nutrition, hydration, and cooling or things will become bleak before you know it.

Uber Pretzel ~128km

That will get you:

  • Uber Pretzel route badge
  • 100km badge and kit (assuming you don’t already have it)

The AdZ downhill is ~12km which gets you to about 140km. Another 20km and you can knock out the 100mi badge and kit as well :ride_on:

Just did this yesterday. Besides good nutrition, hydration, and cooling, approach it with a good pacing strategy. You don’t want to start the Alpe 70+ miles in wasted. Best of luck.

I won’t even attempt that in my workshop - South Alabama, uninsulated, and no AC.
It will have to wait until winter.