New Roads Zoon?

So Crit City was released in Dec-19 I think (and event only). So before that, the last new roads open to all was the Yorkshire worlds course in September. I think it’s been nearly a year since new roads were released in Watopia. I rember Eric sayingt that they had spent a lot ot development time on behind the scenes items to speed up the pace of new roads being built. There aren’t even any rumours flying around about what is coming next. Do we think there will be any new roads released soon? The pace of devlopment has slowed to snail pace.

Eric Min made it sound like Japan was coming next to coincide with the Olympics, but now they are canceled so I would expect that world to also be delayed. I bet we would have got to see it in the May update.

There have been some rumors of an expanded New York with new barriers on the sky roads that showed up recently.

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Best if Watopia (and other world’s) potholes are fixed first…


Still usually get roads in Watopia. I think it’s really strange we haven’t seen anything there for so long. I’m wondering if Japan was going to be a larger map than the normal finishing circuit that is released.


Would really like a watopia expansion. Never have been a fan of multiple worlds.


I really don’t like many of the courses outside of Watopia. A Watopia expansion would be great.


Absence of information should not be taken as indication information exist but held back… Sorry - my take is nothing new is to be expected in Watopia.