New on road bike. Frame size? 54 or 56? Help please!

Help Needed!

I am new to road bike and having difficulties to decide best bike size for me. (I already watch and read tons but I could not find any valuable info)

I am 179 cm height and inseam of 85cm.

Bike is a Cannondale SuperSix Evo. Based on Cannnondale size chart I should go 56. (Size 54 - 170cm to 178cm / Size 56 - 178cm to 182cm). I tried both but I have no experience. Store staff said it is better to go 56. But I felt better on the 54.

Is there a rule of thumb on this situation when you are just between two different sizes? Should I go 54 or 56? (I will do a bike fit later to fine tune)

Thanks for any inputs.

Your best bet is to get a proper bike fit and they will let you know what size you should get.

Edit: it’s easier to adjust a smaller bike to fit.

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Please go to a LBS that you trust, or a trained bike fitter with a good reputation. I know what size head tube I prefer, so I will size my bikes based off of that. However if I was giving you a bike fit, I would not follow that same protocol.