Different size bikes for different height riders

Everyone in Zwift seems to be on a 56cm bike.

I’d like to see short people on XS frames, and tall people on XL frames, and everything inbetween.

Heck - put the kids on 20" and 650c bikes, too, if you have the time.

In addition to adding reality, immersion, and visual variety, this would also help me judge which riders I should try to draft behind, and which I should ignore. (Even if rider height currently makes no difference, the placebo effect of making me think that it does would add to the experience)

Oh yeah, time, I do realize that that’s a whole lot of frame modelling resource.

Perhaps different height avatars for different height riders as well.


And while you are at it , shape to reflect weight which does affect performance so you could “see” what you were racing against.

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There are already three male avatar shapes and two female avatar shapes, depending on BMI. You want more?!?

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It does make a difference in aero drag in Zwift’s physics model. Two riders, flat road, same bike, same power, the shorter one will be faster.

I don’t believe height makes any difference in the draft produced by the rider, which is what the OP was referring to.

That’s true. Nobody outside Zwift knows exactly how the modeling works; testing has shown certain elements, such as the aero drag vs height. The draft model seems pretty simple and indeed as far as I can tell does not take into account rider characteristics.

Maybe we will find out when the new Draft effect widget that was previewed in a recent race series is rolled out . @Robert_C do you have some way you are measuring/testing effect ( other that perception)

Thanks I didnt know that . Good shout . Will look out for that . Perhaps x-small might been needed for more than a few :open_mouth:

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You answered it before I could - indeed, Zwift Insider’s speed tests.

Yeah had found that … one more reason to get a new laptop I think to have the resolution to make out the avatar differences in enough clarity while I am eyeballs out up the Alpe :rofl:

Apparently draft effect does change depending on lead rider’s characteristics. Not sure if anyone tested this.

Maybe all this time we thought we were suffering from the dreaded sticky draft but instead we were stuck behind a rider that was 10ft tall and weighted 200kg … :rofl:

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the only how this feature will get implemented if you put the words eRacing, Olympics, and UCI in your post.

Zwift ignores the forums…
Zwift can’t even give each country that they have in their list of countries a flag.

Just connect an HDMI cable to a big TV. Who needs more than 30 FPS?