Add support for taller riders

I am 6’7" tall but the virtual world does not show taller riders any different to shorter rides. Perhaps you should allow us to put our height in and then size the virtual bike and rider to make it look realistic? It would make it easier for people to recognize their friends as it would be closer to real life on the road :slight_smile:

Also if you do have taller riders, you should then add support for that into your draft code as well. When someone short sits on my wheel it should feel like they are getting a free ride!

As a 6’ 5" rider, I wholeheartedly agree with this.  I’d prefer my avatar be taller rather than wider for his given weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just something I was thinking about the other day. I am only 6’1’’ but started with nearly 110kg. It would be nice to see different sized avatars based on size and  weight and will, after updating the profile, reflect actual weight loss which could be another incentive for many “bigger” riders to start zwift. 

At 6’6" tall and 170 lbs, I’ve noticed that my Avatar is already quite thin looking, like I am in real life…  I have seen other riders looking much stockier.  So it seems like the game is already doing some kind of BMI calculation and rendering Avatars accordingly in terms of heft relative to a fixed height.  But yeah, it would be more realistic if the height also scaled and if the coefficient of aerodynamic drag also took height into account.

I am 197cm tall with a weight of 80kg. I thought this was already implemented - when I am in a group ride I seem to be taller than other riders - is that just my imagination?

I also assume Zwift (need to) scale the frame size of the bikes. Otherwise it would look ridiculous.