Rider height/belly/bike size

I’m sure it’s on your list but I wanted to show my support on it. According to the Eric’s interview on GFNY, zwift values the indeterministic nature of riding experience.
However the riders on the island looks almost same in their size. Along with jersey color or hair/skin color, the size difference gives much “wow” to zwift riders so it makes our brain more awakening.

I don’t even care if people lie about their body size once it becomes available. Any level of personalization that can be provided will be a good thing.

Obviously you must be honest about your weight in number for accurate speed calculations but riders should be able to choose how they “carry” that weight visually. :slight_smile:

Would be cool to be able to exactly customize your appearance like some of the Playstation/Xbox boxing games such as “Fight Night” where you can customize your body build, complexion , height, face, head, hair styles, etc.

Agree, I want people to see my belly, so they know why i’m falling back on the hills! :smiley:

Agreed!!! Make hight and weight – body mass index – calculation to create rider appearance.