Different body/avatar types

This is one of those where I feel like I can see both sides of the argument. Right now, although there is a lot of customization available to your in game avatar, everyone has the same body type. I happen to be short and muscular, and I feel like you could discern a lot about me if I was next to a thin, tall, powerful climber. I’d like my in game persona to look like me, short stuff and all, but I can also see others wanting to have a made up body type as well.

Zwift went down the path of gaming in a sense with its design, so I find it weird that it stops halfway. Everyone on the male side is ripped and tucked (and in the cycling sense, not exactly the ideal body type), everyone on the female side is light and not particularly muscular. Sure, some people in real life are overweight and maybe like having a different look in the game, but I know TONS of Clydesdale riders/runners who are super proud of their body types too, and they dont have any representation at the moment. And not every dude wants to have oddly jacked biceps and tri’s either.

Most games handle this with a height, weight, and body type slider. Is the main obstacle the scaling of the bikes? The frame would need scaling and the wheels would not to match the varying heights of the riders.

Is another obstacle potentially “abusing” of the scale? I understand the argument would be that there’d be a lot of seven foot + riders with as much weight added for potentially comedic reasons (in bad taste for an fitness geared environment where some people ARE there to lose weight) but is that any more distracting than glowing Tron bikes?

Theres a lot of pros and cons to changing it or leaving it alone.

Updating your weight/height changes the way your avatar’s model looks. It’s subtle, but it’s there. For fun, change your weight from 50kg to 300kg and you’ll see the difference.


i van - yes, noticed it also … very nice feature :wink: