More "in depth" body rider customization


Well, I’m pretty sure most of people would like to custom their body shapes… isn’t it?
Of course not in the main aspect (or yes? :thinking: :laughing:) in terms of become thin ir fou are fatty, or become muscular if you are not… :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean much more about proportions.
For example, in a similar body mass, someone can have little more legs and less arms… or something like that.
I think that avatar by default have more arms than usually cyclists have.

People usually like being well represented, or maybe show to the world a better image.
As we can see everyday in all the social media.

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It already would be great, if our avatars in zwift would have differents heights. :smiley:

Completely agree. Every Zwift avatar looks the same with just a different skin/hair/clothes color.

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There are actually three different male body shapes (S, M, L), and two different female body shapes (S, M). I believe the shapes are based on some combination of height and weight. I certainly notice this more in the male shapes than the female, but there are definitely differences. Of course these are shape, only, and not height or ‘weight distribution’.

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If we are in a some kind of videogame, at least would be interesting to have some features of them, isn¡t it?
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I agree, they need to change the height of your avatar to match your actual height, it would make everyone else so much more identifiable

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