Avatar Customization

I am part of a large Zwifting community. We have been having some conversations about how most of the riders see themselves in the game. As you are well aware of we all come in differing shapes and sizes. Some women work really hard to look more muscular. Some are happy with the way they look and want it to reflect in the game. Woman have always been comparing them selves to magazine covers, and it would be nice to give them the ability to choose what they want to look like with a bit more detail than currently avaiable.

I think it wold be helpful not just to women but to all of us to be able to customize your avatar more. I do understand that you may have to deal with aerodynamics if the avatars can be customize-able. I do feel this is something that many of us would love to see in the game. i know this is not the first time this has been brought up. But since our Zwift community has been talking about it, It thought I would bring it up again.

I want my bald head like IRL in game - for avatar and better aerodynamics!

Bring on drops to purchase veet hair removal cream to get a bonus 2W. :ghost:

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